Heinz introduces tins of baked beans that are 28% smaller – but only 5p cheaper

Not much has changed about Heinz beans over the years and that is the way we like it.

But the brand has brought in a controversial new size and some fans aren’t impressed.

Usually, the ‘large’ tins are 415g and you could also get smaller 200g or 150g tins but they’ve just introduced the 300g tin.

It might be 28% smaller – but shoppers don’t like that it’s only slightly cheaper.

A 415g tin costs 85p but the new 300g tin costs 80p on the Tesco website.

On Ocado, the new size costs 70p.

The 415g and smaller ones will still exist but they’re just giving us more options.

The 300g tin has a red label saying ‘new size’ but some said they didn’t notice until it was too late and they thought they were buying the usual large tin.

One customer said: ‘Bought not realising these are not the standard size – disappointing. Beware!’

Another added: ‘I bought this by mistake thinking it was the normal size and only when I saw it I realised how stupid I had been not to check the details.’

One didn’t pick up that they were 5p cheaper and thought it was the same price.

They said: ‘Heinz appear to have done some customer research and reduced the tin size to 300g. Same price though.

‘Now what I would like to know is who would answer “yes please” to the question “who would like to have less beans and pay the same amount?”‘

At Asda, the tin is labelled with the new size sticker and costs 50p.

But some shoppers said the new size was actually perfect for them.

One said: ‘Heinz baked beans in tomato sauce is by far the very best and I’ve just discovered this NEW size!!

‘The 200g is, for me, just quite not enough for me, on toast! The 415g, for one is just a bit too much. BUT the new size 300g is just right!!’

A spokesperson for Heinz said: ‘As well as our ever-popular 150g, 200g and 415g can sizes, Heinz Beanz are also available in a new 300g size.

‘The weight is always very clearly shown on each can label as well as online to ensure fans can pick the size that’s best for them.’