Coronavirus: Company offers free soap to anyone who needs it

When experts recommended that we all wash our hands frequently to avoid spreading coronavirus, people rushed to the stores and bought up pretty much all the soap.

And then, the hand sanitiser (if you’re lucky enough to have both at home, soap is always preferable).

Things have become so dire that some people are calling on supermarkets to prioritise the elderly and those at high risk with contracting COVID-19 by providing a special shopping window, an hour before the stores open to everyone else.

But until that becomes an option, an independent online retailer is stepping in to help.

Nuddy, the soap company founded by Kassi Emadi, is offering bars of soap to anyone who needs one, for free.

The initiative came about after Kassi went into her local supermarket and saw that the shelves were completely empty.

‘On Thursday evening I went to my local Morrisons and saw that the shelves were empty, absolutely no anti-bacterial gel or soap bars to be found,’ said Kassi.

‘I decided to take action and try and get our soap bars into the hands of those who cannot get hold of any themselves.’

The Super Rich Shea Butter and Pink Grapefruit soap bar usually cost £4.95, but can now be ordered completely free (apart from postage) through the company’s website.

And it’s also vegan-friendly, as well as 100% plastic, cruelty and SLS free.

‘We believe that everybody should have the means to wash their hands properly and keep bacteria at bay,’ added Kassi.

‘Health authorities have been urging us to keep washing our hands to stop the virus spreading. Government advice states that washing your hands with soap + water is the most effective way of killing a virus.

‘Over washing your hands using cheaper soap/antibacterial gels can lead to dry/chapped hands.

‘Being a young independent business (less than two years old), all we’re asking is a small contribution, to cover our costs for P&P.

‘No profit at all will be made by us.’

To make sure everyone gets their hands on a bar of soap, the freebie is limited to one per person.