Mom’s toilet paper stockpile ruined by playing kids, image shows

Kids are great, but they’ll ruin anything.

A mom was likely relieved to be able to get hands on an 18-pack of toilet paper despite shoppers across the world are creating shortages due to panic buying. Unfortunately, her children apparently got their hands on the paper good and didn’t realize just how important it was.

Ed Cumming shared a photo of a bathtub full of bath toys, water and countless rolls of toilet paper to his Twitter account. The rolls were countless because, by that point, they had started to dissolve into a completely unusable mess.

“My friend bought 18 loo rolls and her kids put them all in the bath,” Cummings wrote alongside the photo.

The recent coronavirus outbreak has reportedly caused large instances of panic-buying, where worried shoppers stockpile essential (and oftentimes, nonessential) food and household items. This has caused a surge in demand for items like toilet paper and, not surprisingly, also caused shortages to occur.

America has recently seen a run on toilet paper and, based on this tweet, the shortage is being felt internationally as well. Unfortunately, it seems this woman’s children haven’t been following the news.

Meanwhile, in America, some businesses have taken unusual steps to make sure their customers are fully stocked.

ZaRonis, a pizza place in Oshkosh, Wisc., posted on its Facebook page that it not only had toilet paper but were willing to sell it. Jon Doenel confirmed that customers are able to order four rolls at the cost of $3.25.

The pizza place announced the sale on Facebook, where the company posted, “Yep….ZaRonis has toilet paper. You can order it for delivery as well. You will find it online under ‘sides of sauce.’ Please, only 4 per household….because that’s enough to get you through until the stores restock.”