You can now order Wotsits mac n cheese on UberEats

Just because you’re stuck at home and supermarket shelves are emptying at a speedy rate, it doesn’t mean you have to survive solely on crackers and canned soup (if you can even find those, that is).

Because thankfully, people who didn’t stockpile for self-isolation (seriously, please stop stockpiling all of the food) can still order takeaways, and there’s even a no-contact drop-off service available.

Recognising the high demand for home delivery, brands are adding new dishes to their usual menus, including the latest addition to UberEats: Wotsits mac n cheese.

And yes, it’s made with actual Wotsits.

The pot is stuffed with a mix of cheddar, mozzarella and cheesy Wotsits, ‘infused’ with fresh thyme and chopped garlic (side note: garlic is apparently great for fighting off infections).

It’s then finished off with a generous helping of Panko breadcrumbs.

Once you get bored of the cheesy stuff, you can also order the Sizzling Steak and Flamin’ Hot flavours – or all three (self-isolation is a lengthy endeavour that requires plenty of snacks).

While this all sounds delicious, we’re actually more excited about the little treat that comes with the order.

Walkers Crisps, owners of Wotsits, has created a limited-edition mini packet filled with the Wotsits cheesy leftovers that you can find at the bottom of a normal bag (you know, the stuff you lick off your hands at the end).

These packets will be sent out alongside each order of the mac and cheese, so that this way, you can sprinkle it on top of the dish – or just eat it on its own, no judgement here.

The dish, which is usually offered in Shoreditch’s Twisted London, arrives on UberEats today and will be available for two days only.

Or, if you’ve got time, cheese and Wotsits at home, you can make it yourself – as Walkers has even released the recipe.

Self-isolation just got tastier.